We are a single-source glass fabricator, a one-stop shop provider for any glazing requirement, whether exterior or interior, architectural or decorative.

We are committed to providing our customers the widest range of glass products for the most varied applications possible. We maintain sufficient quantity of raw materials, hardware and accessories at our warehouses, and manage our installation teams and fleet of specialized vehicles to adequately and timely deliver what you need, be it in Jordan or the region.

Our range of products types are divided into the following:


Monolithic glass is the most popular product that also sets the foundation for other products like Insulated and Laminated glass, which is usually heat treated to Heat Strengthened glass and Fully Tempered glass.


There has been a recent development in the awareness for the safety feature offered by glass. Tempered glass may be considered safety glass due to the decreased …


Probably one of the strongest core competencies of Mansour Glass, which began its journey by converting clear glass into mirrors back in the 1940s until 1980s by coating float glass with a …


Mansour began its journey through the handcrafted artistic glass in the 1980s, and developed a specialty in creating custom-order handmade glass products …


Also known as Double Glazing, are thermal insulating glass units that consist of glass sheets (Double or Triple), separated by desiccant-filled aluminum spacer and sealed with special sealants,


Mansour is able to offer the highest levels of fire-rated glazing systems that provides passive fire resistance while maximizing available natural light and visibility to protect property and …