Solid History, Promising Future.


Our Company

Over the years we have come to be known as the most experienced glass and mirror providers in the region, as we’ve been serving our market over the last 3 family generation since 1944; when the late Izzat Mansour began crafting silver mirrors and custom decorative glass in his workshops in Jordan and Palestine. Reliability and integrity are values our clients grew accustomed to depend on over the years, in turn building trust and enduring relationships.

We specialise in fabricating technically complex glass and mirror products with high quality standards at competitive rates, while striving to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our team’s capabilities and expertise enable us to collaborate with the most recognized architects and designers, turning their vision into reality. Our in-house installation department delivers in a timely manner with best-in-class finishing standards, and provide on demand maintenance services.

The best fabrication begins with exceptional raw materials. Therefore, we work with the world’s most reliable and highest quality suppliers of float glass and mirrors, including Saint Gobain, Guardian, AGC and PPG. Collaborating with such well established brands ensure we always carry a full range of raw materials including various sizes, thicknesses, colors and tints, reflective and special coatings.

We manufacture, supply and install a wide variety of products, including:

  • Flat and bent tempered safety glass
  • Fabricated decorative glass
  • Laminated safety glass (bullet proof glass included)
  • Insulated glazing (known as double glazing)
  • Silk screen printed glass
  • Art glass, including fused glass, stained glass, mosaic glass to name a few
  • Fire-rated glazing systems, smart switchable film, and other unique products

We believe providing the widest variety of glass and mirror customization is a necessity for our clients. Therefore, we constantly invest in new technologies, machinery and materials to evolve our services and products. The outcome of these endeavors deliver superior optical qualities, required even in the most challenging projects. The inevitable result is beautiful, light-filled environments, designed to meet functional and aesthetics standards.

We serve various sectors within the local and regional markets, such as:

  • Residential sector. Houses, villas and apartments, where highly customized glass and artistic glass decor are highly desirable.
  • Commercial sector. Countless malls, embassies, hotels, banks and shops have been fitted by our team over the past decades.
  • Industrial sector (B2B) We proudly collaborate with other top Jordanian manufacturers who use glass as a complement to their products, such as Kitchens and Furniture. These include brands such as Jwico, Ma’ani and Al-Alamieh, Tabba’, Tahboub as well as Aluminum Installation companies like Al-Faqeer, Shammas, Kurdieh & Hakeem, and others.

Our History Timeline

Mansour Glass new brand and logo.
The company transformed the old warehouse in Bayader industrial area into the logistics department acting as a break-bulk facility responsible for installation management and customer service.
Added a secondary autoclave at the factory to provide extra capacity in the lamination process.
Built a third hangar at Mansour’s industrial area and moved in all machinery from the former Plaza factory, adding additional 4000 sqm of manufacturing space. This is complemented with a semi-automatic PVB lamination line as well as a silk-screen printing line.
The company acquired Plaza Glass factory in Sahab industrial area that included a bent tempering furnace, IG line and Intermac cutting table, Schiatti polishing machine and drilling.
Added EVAsafe lamination line.
Due to further market expansion and increased demand on tempered products, the family decided to convert its outsourced tempering service into a core competency by investing in state-of-the-art tempering furnace and a heat soak machine, housed in the newly built second hangar, adding an additional 1,100 sqm of manufacturing space, with around 250sqm office space.
Completed construction of Mansour’s 2,000 sqm glass fabrication plant in a 20,000sqm land in Al-Qatal industrial area, moving and consolidating all the machinery and equipment at the workshops to the factory. These fabrication processes included cutting, edging, beveling, drilling, CNC engraving and CNC drilling and milling.
Opened a new workshop in Bayader industrial area.
The company introduced stained glass into the market, becoming the first supplier of this type of product in the country.
After the passing of the late Izzat Mansour, his 3 sons, Hisham, Subhi and Mohammed, took it upon themselves to carry on the legacy, so they established Izzat Mansour Inheritors Co.
The 2 partners separated, each pursuing his own path in the glass and mirrors industry. Izzat Mansour operated under the names Izzat Mansour Stores and The National Mirrors Factory.
Izzat Mansour was the first to introduce the Glass and Mirrors profession in Jordan and Palestine, and brought in his cousin to work by his side, and so Mansour Cousins Co. was established.

Core Values

Safety always comes first for us, especially for our line of business. We realize that our line of field can be dangerous if no standardized and controlled guidelines and procedures are implemented and supervised, we aim to create a safe work environment that is comfortable and trustworthy.

Our Team
We value our employees whose expertise, commitment and hard work is a key factor to the success of our business that grew over the decades. We go to great extents to train and support our employees, whether in production or support activities, by building a working culture characterized by teamwork, collaboration and personal growth.

Focus on Customers
We are concerned about listening to our customers, understanding and responding to their needs by delivering personalized level of service in order to build healthy, long lasting relationships.

We honor our commitments whether written or verbal with our customers, suppliers and business partners while maintaining high ethical standards and building trust through seeking win-win scenarios.

Living up to our reputation of delivering and maintaining a high level quality products and service standards that exceeds customer expectations.

Continuous Improvement
Being a learning organization that is innovative, adaptive, open to change and proactively seeking to develop by finding new and improved solutions that our stakeholders would benefit from.


Our Vision

We aspire to become the regions preferred premier solution provider for architectural and decorative glazing and complementary products with the highest standards of quality and service.


Our Mission

To provide the widest variety of high quality customized glass and mirror products to satisfy our customers needs and required function by continuously developing and investing in our technologies and personnel.

Sat-Wed: 8:30am – 5:00pm
Thu: 8:30am – 3:00pm
Phone: + 962 6 5823788 – 5825788



"We built a great reputation, by building Jordan."

Subhi Mansour

Our late father and founder, Izzat Mansour, was a pioneer in the glass and mirror business .

We built a great reputation by building Jordan. We are determined in carrying on his legacy by providing Jordan and the region the latest technologies of the highest quality glass and mirror products at international standards.