Fire-Rated Glass


Mansour is able to offer the highest levels of fire-rated glazing systems that provides passive fire resistance while maximizing available natural light and visibility to protect property and people. Fire-rated glazing have two main types of resistance, resistance to fire penetration, and resistance to the transfer of excessive heat.

Mansour offers these solutions by working with one of the biggest suppliers of fire rated products, while complying with the required safety standards and performance for each project.

Fire-rated systems are comprised of the framing system, glass unit, and fixing method. All of which need to be ensured to meet the specification and installation quality to meet the required performance solution needed for today’s buildings and regulations

When ordering fire-rated glazing systems, project requirement that include the following elements need to be decided:

1- Profile system: Steel or Aluminium.

2- Performance, Standard and classification: Performance requirement range between 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes and up to 3 hours.

North American Standard (NFPA/UL/ASTM): Only 2 classification as per this standard.

Fire protective Resistance to fire penetration (technically only 5mm thick glass)
Fire resistive Resistance to excessive heat transfer (Similar to laminated glass, consisting of a multi chambered glass or with interlayer)

European/British Standard: 3 classifications for this standard

E – Integrity only (same as fire protective with US),
EW – Integrity and Radiation control
EI –Integrity and Insulation (same as fire resistive in US)

3- Application: Internal vs External

This is important in specifications as standards for each differs. For example, in exterior use if temperatures are high then fire-resistive glass may have some limitations as it is prone to turn from transparent to milky white as the intumescent interlayer reacts to heat.

Switchable (Smart Film) Glass

Also called Smart Glass, is a glass unit that can change it color from transparent to fully opaque with a switch of a button by using special PDLC film. When the power off, liquid crystal molecules inside the film disperse turning the glass opaque and prevents light from getting in.
When the power is turned on, liquid crystal molecules inside the glass stand in alignment, and the glass appears to be transparent, and light gets in.

Available as a laminated option that ensure protection of the film for longer shelf life and provides a more tidy appearance.

Self-adhesive smart films are available, best advised for already installed glass.

This product provides optional privacy, reduces heating, air-conditioning and lighting expenses.Perfect for offices and executive meeting rooms, suitable for windows in residential applications as well.

Not entirely a new product, as Mansour offered it since 12 years ago, but due to advancement in technology and improved production techniques, the cost of this unique product has gone significantly down.


Sage Glass

By far the most recent innovation in glass technologies. Sage Glass by VETROTECH is an IGU which is electronically tintable for windows, skylights and curtain walls. It is a beautiful and cost-effective way to control sunlight without shades or blinds, so you can manage glare and heat while maintaining a connection to the outdoors. It provides architects and building owners the flexibility to design buildings and use glass without worrying about excessive light transmittance from the building’s facade. It saves energy, money and the environment

SGG Timeless Glass

The new shower glass from Saint-Gobain Glass

SGG TIMELESS is an anti-corrosion shower glass designed for shower screens, shower enclosures and bath screens.


  • High degree of transparency and neutral appearance
  •  An anti-corrosion effect for a lasting transparency
  • Easier to clean glass
  • High durability treatment