Probably one of the strongest core competencies of Mansour Glass, which began its journey by converting clear glass into mirrors back in the 1940s until 1980s by coating float glass with a layer of silver and other chemicals on the backside, until it became cheaper and more convenient to import ready made raw sheets of mirrors that are more technologically advanced with a much wider selection of sizes, colors and patterns.

Mansour imports a selection of mirror sheets from a number of the most trusted and well established suppliers in the world. Coupled with Mansour’s extensive mix of fabrication capabilities and complementary products, allows the freedom to provide the widest customization options than any other company in the market, creating many styles and shapes that fits every environment.

Mirrors come in the following different specs:

  • Maximum sheet sizes: 3200*2250 mm,  3660*2400 mm, 3300*2140 mm.
  • Thickness:  3, 4, 6 or 8mm.
  • Color/Tint:  Clear, Black, Bronze, Green, Rose, Blue, and more.
  • Antique: Various patterns, styles and colors.

Call our customer service to inquire about the availability of your preferred mirror type.

Any Shape

If you need a mirror that is Framed or frameless, irregular or regular shaped, single sheet or mosaic-like pattern, need it with cutouts to fit around switches and outlets?

Whatever the design, Mansour has the mirror, machinery and expertise to meet any requirement you desire!

For any setting and Decor

Mirrored walls, Full floor to ceiling for Exercise room mirrors, fitted mirrors for bathrooms, Artistic wall hangings, panels for cabinets. and many more.

Where safety is a concern in cases where accidental mirror breakage may cause injury, we advise applying a safety glass backing to add extra strength and safety for your family and guests.

Mirrors can be combined with the following:

1- Wooden Frames


2- Stained Glass Frame


3- Fused Glass Frame


4- Sand-blasting (Hidden Lighting)


5- CNC Engraving

6- CNC Drilling and Milling

7- Dye Painting

Provide us with your needed dimensions, or show us your frame/ setting, tell us what you need, then let us make the perfect mirror for you.

Can’t make up your mind, got your own unique idea?

Give us a call for a free consultation.