This magnificent restaurant is complemented with graphic film tempered glass decor, in addition to the low-iron glass and tempered glass used for partitions, windows and other building elements.

To facilitate the feel of this great brand we supplied and installed custom designed back painted glass signage in addition to the entrance and the ceramic painted display cabinet windows.  

Starting with shop front that utilized extra clear low-iron glass for maximum transparency, this exceptional brand and its presence is complemented with beautiful modern black and white spandrel glass, and large mirrors with hidden lighting for the changing areas.

We are proud to be a close and reliable partner to Jwico in supplying glass and mirrors for their bedroom designs, kitchen work and table tops to name a few. Our relationship spans over many years and when the Mecca Street showroom was founded, we supplied all interior and exterior glass and mirror requirements including…

As the industry pioneers in Jordan, the main facility housing this great local brand is complemented with clear and frosted partitions, spandrel glass, shower boxes, and full sheet mirrors for the training areas.  

The shop front installed on spider system, interior sand blasted office partitions and entrances complement the leading brands represented in this facility.

The beautiful shop front, the shops cabinets and display table tops were produced using low-iron (extra clear glass) with ceramic painted panels and installed for this high end Jewelry brand.

This project is highlighted to be the highest glass wind breakers in Jordan. This laminated glass provides residents and visitors of the U Roof Lounge at the Regency Palace Hotel a unique atmosphere with a breathtaking view of the city.

Jorsal are specialized in high end kitchen installations and as such entrust us with the supply of their glass and mirror needs. For their main showroom we supplied and installed the shop front mounted on a spider system, as well as the spandrel glass needed above the entrance.    

To create a fantastic banking retailing experience the building design is complemented with a great deal of glass work including: partitions, laminated glass with fabric interlayers, low-iron balustrades, office entrances and the shop front installed on a spider system.

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