Starting with shop front that utilized extra clear low-iron glass for maximum transparency, this exceptional brand and its presence is complemented with beautiful modern black and white spandrel glass, and large mirrors with hidden lighting for the changing areas.

We are proud to be a close and reliable partner to Jwico in supplying glass and mirrors for their bedroom designs, kitchen work and table tops to name a few. Our relationship spans over many years and when the Mecca Street showroom was founded, we supplied all interior and exterior glass and mirror requirements including…

As the industry pioneers in Jordan, the main facility housing this great local brand is complemented with clear and frosted partitions, spandrel glass, shower boxes, and full sheet mirrors for the training areas.  

Rasas is all about luxury and as such needed a powerful, yet simple manner to convey their signature mosaic jewelry products. We installed mirror cladding, low iron glass display booths and the beautiful back painted shop front.    

Tufenkjian is a brand whose reputation is synonymous with luxury, quality and value. An elegant and modern design that incorporated black ceramic painted glass wall claddings with low-iron (extra clear) glass windows, silver mirrors, and bullet-resistant glass entrance communicates these intrinsic values to its decor. Bottom of Form      

Fitness First is widely regarded as the premium health club operator in the region and the club in Abdoun, and to contribute to its success we installed mirrors for the exercise studios, balustrades, shower room glass work and the entrance canopies.

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